A Woman Called Claire

A Woman Called Claire

I thought I would give you the story behind how we have become one of the leading organic headwear companies I like to think in the world. I was never meant to make ladies items, I had just had a baby and loved making cute items for Eadie. Babies were cute, baby turbans well they are just adorable and I would of happily made them and them alone forever and ever amen.

Anyways I knew this amazing lady called Claire in my old work life and she was literally cool AF. Claire was smart, sassy and empowering. When I was around her she would have a way of making you feel special. She was wonderful. Claire would check in and ask how we were doing, send flowers when I had hard times we were all a little bit in love with Claire.

Then Claire text me to say she had been diagnosed with breast cancer! The kind that was going to smack her and her family with everything it had. I remember reading the text and feeling sick. I looked at Eadie and wondered how I would feel in Claire's situation. Then Claire asked me to make her some headwear...she didn't want to wear a dodgy wig. I honestly didn't feel like it was something I could do, I didn't have the sizing, I didn't think they would be good enough. But I made them and packaged them off thinking that would be the end of that.

I shared a picture on my social media and wow, it snow balled. Ladies would get in touch telling me their hair loss stories. Ladies telling me how their children wouldn't do PE at school because they were worried their wig would fall off. It was a world I never knew existed. I started looking at the options for people and felt gutted if they were Claire's only option. I started looking for bold prints, then I moved to all organic. More and more people coming forward for our items. My Ladies turbans would sell out at local markets.

Someone then asked me if I had ever thought of designing my own prints? I mean is that even a thing? I started sketching and did some collabs with designers then decided I would like to try and do one from start to finish. All mine and now I design around 70% of our prints and have them printed here in the UK on the highest grade organic cotton.

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