In a world where how we look is so so important to us, it’s hard!

In a world where how we look is so so important to us, it’s hard!

My name is Naomi, I’m a country bumpkin in my 20’s from Mid Wales and I am a qualified Primary School Teacher. 



I developed my first patch of hair-loss in December 2020 after I hit a huge wall with my Mental Health. By March 2021, I had lost 50% of my hair and I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I decided to brave the shave and it was the best decision I made! I finally got a private dermatologist appointment in August where I got a diagnosis of Alopecia Areata. I’m currently stuck in a cycle of regrowth and losing more hair and by today I’ve accepted this is how it will be. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball that can tell me if I will ever have a full regrowth but I’m embracing the situation and I now love learning about all things Alopecia, mental health, wigs and headwear.


Alopecia is as much - if not more - a mental struggle than a physical one. Hair-loss for women in particular is such a hard subject, which carries shame, devestation, grief, anxiety, depression and pain. Alopecia impacts everyone differently. In a world where how we look is so so important to us, it’s hard. I have and I will embrace life with alopecia now it’s time for others to embrace those who’ve lost their hair. The hardest part about suffering alopecia is the unpredictability of it all. Will I go completely bald and never have hair again? Is it all coming back tomorrow? Are my eyelashes and eyebrows getting thinner? No one can answer these questions, and there are no medications specifically for alopecia because well I guess it’s still a bit of a mystery in the medical world.

I came across the gorgeous instagram account @eadiechops. After following Em and Eadie’s life for months I had realised that they lived 20 minutes away from me, and as I love supporting local I had to order my first black and white polka dot turban. By now, I have 15+ as they are the most comfortable, softest and amazing looking headwear I have had during my alopecia. Em has beautiful, funky fabrics, all made perfectly to order, environmentally friendly with packaging and tip top customer service. 


Life is good and I am so incredibly grateful. 

Self-care, Time, Acceptance, Positivity and Growth - thank you Dr for these wise words in Feb 2020! Mental Health and confidence I am the BEST I have ever been. I have settled into my new little home with my partner. Loving my job. Have got amazing friends and also made many new friends on my hair-loss journey. I am on top of the world. 


I have shared my alopecia journey from the start on my Instagram: @lodesmach and will continue to share my research, personal experiences, reviews and tips! Feel free to follow and share!

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