Size Matters

We understand that you want the best fit possible for your eadiechops turban. We hope that this size guide will help you ensure that you get just that.

Our adult turbans are made of super stretchy organic cotton lycra so if you find you are a cm over the stated measurements they will cover that no problem. But turbans that are too tight or small will ride up and feel uncomfortable so we wouldn't recommend sizing down too much.

If you are at all unsure please just leave us a note on checkout with your measurement and we will make accordingly to the nearest cm.

How to measure your head

* Hold a tape measure starting at your forehead

* Measure down past your ears

* To the nape of your neck and back around.

* You are essentially measuring your hairline as this is where the turban  will be sat.

*Pre chemotherapy* please note that if you do have a lot of hair before chemotherapy hair loss begins you may want to factor in around 2cm less from your measurement.

Please note our eadiechops headbands come in one size, this guide is only for turban sizes.

As each item you order is made to size we please ask that you have measured using our guide to help us with returns.