Why Organic?

Why Organic?

When we first started producing headwear I wouldn't have known my jersey from my elbow and I didn't give much thought to environmental factors with regards to fashion items.

Once I started researching cotton production I was actually blown away! Like did you know for every 1kg of non organic cotton 29,000 litres of water is required! 29,000. Where as organic is 7000. That the workers who handle non organic cotton develop life threatening illnesses due to pesticides that they are handling?


Organic cotton has zero chemicals and is the kindest fabric that you can have next to your skin.

So once we decided to go fully organic there was no going back...Then I started looking into the production of the printed fabrics! wow, double wow with a big fat carbon wow on top! Did you know an overseas printing company would use around  5600 litres of water AN HOUR? read that again!!!!!!! that got me thinking its all well and good buying organic cotton but if its then printed using vats of ink, huge amounts of water wasted to create it and then tons of chemicals entering water systems what's the point? and don't even get me onto the work environments and conditions of the people handling it! So I started looking for companies who produced sustainable prints...that looked cool...Prints that were age appropriate for young people going through hair loss... I couldn't find any!. They all looked bland or babyish or just blahhhhh. Then someone mentioned about me trying to design my own prints? naaaaa I couldn't do that, I wouldn't even know where to start. In stepped the incredible British Fabric Printing Company. like a shining star of loveliness.

I started designing my own weird and wonderful prints and they started printing them using water based inks. On organic cotton jersey lycra that had been milled and spun in the UK! I can literally trace my product right back to the source, how cool is that! Their 2 printers use 10L of water a WEEK max! The cotton is the highest quality you can get your hands on, the colours are vibrant and bold. Also you've no little nasties on your sweet little head in the end product.

So that's our story on how we started saving the planet one turban at a time. Its what makes us unique as a headwear company. Currently we produce around 70% of our stock in this way and the rest is made from the gold standard organic cotton that we cant speak of (watch the link below).

We may not be the cheapest headwear company but we most certainly are the best :) 

For more information we think this link has some super cool info too 

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